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Pavel Myagkikh
Partner in DST

Main areas: digital tranformation, greenfield development of big data and data science functions, advanced analytics

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  • Big Data & Advance Analytics Director at LENTA (grocery retailer >6 bln $ turnover)
  • Ex-Head of Data Science в Tele2 – Major Telecom in CIS
  • Launched & led departments and analytical projects for MediaMarkt, Concept Group, Adidas, Tupperware, KupiVIP and other companies
  • Core personal accomplishments in Data Science:
    • Dynamic pricing engine for e-com: +9% of absolute margin
    • Life-cycle management system in a retail chain: +2 percentage points of margin
    • Promo and marketing optimization engine for e-com: +3 percentage points of margin
  • Coauthor of AI Strategy of Russian Federation
  • More than 20 consulting projects in the area of analytics, data science and big data
  • Visiting Professor of Moscow Business School SKOLKOVO, course Big Data
  • Visiting Professor in HSE University – course AI and Big Data
  • Certified Professional Forecaster — Institute of Business Forecasting and Planning, USA
  • 11 years in advanced analytics
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Michael Stepanov
Partner in DST

Main areas: data management, IT infrastructure optimization, digital marketing, real-time analytics, data engineering, data quality

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  • Chief Data Officer Severgroup digital marketplace
  • Chief Data Officer / Head of Analytics Big Data Department of Lenta
  • Chief Data Officer Modulbank. Initially creation of data monetization directions, based on the developed analytical platform (2017–2020 yy.)
  • Project implementation in following areas: digital marketing (-24% CPL), scoring (-0,3 b.p. NPL30+), telephone cold sales (+ 3 b.p. in conversion), website personalization (+1,3 b.p. in conversion)
  • Development and improvement of a management reporting system based on a designed and developed corporate warehouse for a group of Russian Banks Societe Generale (2014–2017 yy.)
  • Development and implementation Business Glossary and Data Quality processes, which allowed to produce accounting / regulatory reporting automatically and improve the accuracy of management decisions
  • Design and development Data Lake in the Home Credit bank, (2012–2014 yy.)
  • Implemented projects to improve the resiliency of analytical systems, as well as to improve their operational efficiency: accelerating T2M, decrease TCO
  • Design and development of corporate warehouse financial showcases in AlfaBank (2010–2012 yy.)
  • Development of an analytical platform in the processing company Eleksnet (2005–2010 yy.)
  • More than 15 years of experience of building analytical platforms and data monetizing in the largest financial companies
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Vasily Zakharov
Partner in DST

Main areas: key business processes optimization & automation, product life cycle, user experience, enterprise fullstack-development, advanced analytics

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  • Deputy Advanced Analytics Director (CTO/CPO), Lenta (grocery retailer >6 bln $ turnover)
  • 9 years of experience in IT product management and consulting in the field of business process automation&optimization, design and implementation of enterprise advanced analytics solutions
  • Implemented IT-solutions for 20+ companies with >$1b revenue (retail, banks, e-commerce, B2B SaaS, mobile apps):
    • real-time sales analytics
    • demand forecast (short-, mid-, long-term)
    • inventory management: first allocation, replenishment, rebalancing
    • product lifecycle optimization: assortment, promo, pricing
    • churn prevention & retention optimization
    • customer behavior and marketing effect analytics
    • management of promo and pricing
    • dashboards, client and management analytics
    • recommendation systems
  • Expert at Skolkovo Business School, HSE, ITMO, IIDF
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Irina Goloshchapova
Partner in DST

Main areas: data science, machine learning, AB-testing, complex optimization models, commercial effects evaluation

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  • Lenta — Head of Data Science. Development of methodology for projects and products involving advanced data analysis and modeling:
    • AB-testing and commercial effects evaluation;
    • unified optimization system for grocery retail: demand forecast, assortment, promo and pricing;
    • support of the process of opening new stores;
    • client analytics;
    • geo modeling to find the best locations for new stores;
    • data monetization;
    • recommendation systems;
  • X5 Retail Group — Head of Risks, Macro and Research, implementation of the full range of big data tasks for the financial function of the Company. Quantitative models and analytical products for optimizing business processes in finance and risk management (+150 million rubles per year); development of an AB testing platform (+1.5 billion rubles per year); digital project management methodology; data management and analytics development for the financial function.
  • Manchester University – Data Science Lead, data science project management: methodology, implementation, team management. International publications in top scientific journals and presentations at international conferences based on the results of the projects
  • Big Data Indicators – Head of Research, development of economic indicators based on media news and comments of Internet users to them, development and support of regular analytical reports and a web-site for the project. The project is officially recognized as successful by the central banks of Russia, England and Kazakhstan.
  • CMASF – Machine Learning Researcher/Expert, scientific consulting and quantitative data analysis in the field of economics for the Government
  • More than 13 years in Data Science;
  • PhD in Economics since 2018
  • Organizer of key events in the largest Russian-language data science community Open Data Science
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